IFTip Bot on Telegram

This guide aims to show you how to use the IFTip bot on Telegram. With friendly IFTip bot, you can manage groups and communities, tip or transfer tokens to others and create an exciting atmosphere on

IFTip Account

Use official IFTip account, safe and secure.

Account:IFTip Bot

To add IFTip bot, please search the official account or click 'Members' in the group. By chatting with it, you can check its strong functions

(Notice: Some functions are only available in the groups).


Have no idea about IFTip bot? Get a brief introduction of it by sending "/start" on Telegram.

For example:


(Introduction of IFTip bot)

Orders Guidance

After you know what is IFTip bot, now let's get more functions about it by sending the order “/help”.

For example:


Find all the orders about tip funtions

Acquire Deposit Address

Send the order '/deposit' in your conversation with IFTip Bot, and it will send you the deposit address.


  1. Please send the '/deposit' order to IFTip bot privately if you do not want your address unveiled.

  2. If you do not set any category of coin, the system will tell you the address of default coin (SPICE).

For example:


IFTip bot will send you the deposit address of SPICE /deposit CET

IFTip bot will send you the deposit address of CET

Check Balance

Send the order '/balance' in your conversation with IFTip Bot, and it will send you your available balance.


Please send the '/balance' order to IFTip bot privately if you do not want your available balance unveiled.

For example: /balance

Know your coins' available balance

Tip Group Members

Find any friends you like in the group? Reward them by replying the order 'tip' on their message!


You can type the exact number of coins that you would like to tip, but notice the default tip is 5 SPICE.

For example:


Give Red Pckets

You can give red pockets in the group whenever you feel good or on some festivals. Let's celebrate in the group with all your friends by sending the order '/rain'!


You can set the category of coin, but notice the default coin of the red pockets is SPICE and the default amount is 10.

For example:


Give red pockets with SPICE /rain IFT

Give red pockets with IFT

If you want to give more people more red pockets, send the order '/rain n people n SPICE'.

For example: /rain 5 people 50 SPICE

Password Red Packet

When you want to send red packets to group members, and want them to type your words, then you should use password command.

Command format:

/password n people m coin #Your password

For Example:

/password 10 people 50 SPICE #Spice is hot

After type this command, The bot will show your packets in group:

@bibo rain red packets, type password to grab
share: 10
total: 50 SPICE
password: #Spice is hot

To grab red packet, just type #Spice is hot, It is very easy and funny to give out and earn tokens via password red packet function. By the way, you can grab multiple red packets in the same time, only red packets has same password.


How to withdraw the red pockets to your own wallet? Please just Send IFTip bot the order "withdraw to_address amount coin" privately, then the red pockets will be shown in your wallet address.

/withdraw to_address amount coin

Query Price

Query token price is a very useful when talking about crypto currencies. You can do this inside Telegram group, without any effort.

Command format:

/price Token

For Example:

/price BTC

above command will query BTC's price. Bot will return like this:

Bitcoin (BTC)
Rank 1
Price $6,288.0087
Market Cap $114.95B
Change (24H) 3.86%
Update time 2020-03-22 17:42

Vies to answer first and get red envelopes

Want to test the knowledge of the group of friends reserves and response capabilities, with a red envelope to reward who get the correct answer ,this action need you to private chat with IFTip bot, send command "/ ask number coin #question #answer ", then the robot will show that you already set up the problem successful and send the right code, you just need to send a red envelope code to group then the problem will be issued , the first one who answer the right answer will get red envelopes.

Setting up a red envelope requires a private chat with the IFTip bot, sending instructions such as:

/ask 10 IFT #How many years did the Permian last? #45 million yearsCommand, the red envelope on the completion of the set, as long as the red envelope code sent to the group then it will issue the problem, let the group members participate the answer.

/packet 01F1436AA35857DF15

Group members participating in the race of answering the question to get the red envelope must add a # sign before the answer, such as:

#45 million years to grab the red envelope

Self-help to get your own currency to the market

To issue your own CET-token token on the IFTip bot, you only need to send the instruction " /list " then you will know the details of the self-service COINS. To issue the CET-token in the IFTip bot, you need 20 IFT per day, the minimum recharge fee is 3 days, and the first recharge is only 10 IFT per day, with 15 days for free. However , when your account has 100 IFT, you will use this function for free.

Take the issue of IFT as an example :

Send /list IFT 3 days, deduct enough IFT to complete the 3 heaven COINS of IFT

To see how long you can continue issuing tokens on the IFTip bot, you can simply send the command " /status coin "

Take IFT as an example: /status IFT

Group setting

In order to help users who use the IFTip bot for airdrops to invite more people to be active in the community, we have added a group management function, which can be used to add invitation rewards, set currency whitelists, and set the number and the total amount of rewards.

1.First, check the management status of the group without configuration

/group_setting command to view group management

2.Configure invitation rewards

/group_setting new_member_reward 1 IFT instruction, configured so that the inviter gets 1 IFT and the inviter gets 1 IFT

3.The invitation rewards and currency support have been completed.Now the invitation rewards need to be sent to IFTip bot, then IFTipbot will issue rewards to the inviters and invitees as required

/group_setting charge_new_member_reward 1IFT If you recharge IFTip bot with 1 IFT invitation-reward fund, the reward will be stopped after the reward is issued as required. You can only continue if you recharge again

4.Configure the currency white list for this group. In this group, IFTip bot will only support currency red envelopes and tips on the whitelist

/group_setting coin_white_list IFT CET instruction, configured as IFTip bot only supports IFT and CET in this group