IFTip Bot


IFTip is a cross-platform digital asset robot, which support Telegram, Discord. IFTip can give rewards and airdrops in the community, allowing more people to use your digital assets or tokens

Telegram Bot Accounts

Discord Bot Accounts

Support Cryptocurrencies

Please go to https://iftip.io/coinlist to view all supported currencies. We will continue to support new blockchains and tokens.

Get to know IFTip

Using IFTip for the first time and do not know what is it? Here are its explanations from three aspects. As a multi-platform crypto assets bot, you can use it:
1. Acquire a crypto wallet which can store over 1000 cryptocurrencies & tokens at once. They are saved on your social media and it is very convenient to assess them;
2. Tip or send red pockets in groups and with more diverse orders such as check the price, rain, quick answer, cryptocurrencies goddess and so on;
3. Help you manage groups and create an exciting or relaxing atmosphere and provides operating statistics or advertises in groups;
The above is only parts of functions. Once you start using IFTip, you will find more things it can do for you to achieve your goals.

Where is my digital assets?

The digital asset is a new type of asset, including various digital currencies and tokens (Such as BTC, BCH, BSV, LTC, ETH, CTE, etc.). For users, the biggest concern is where digital assets exist. We specially designed an account system that is secure as well as convenient.
When you use IFTip bot on Wechat or Telegram, we will recognize your ID and create an unique digital assets wallet for you. This private wallet includes various cryptocurrencies and is encrypted and then saved on IFTip that is technically powered by professional digital currency wallet (IFWallet: https://ifwallet.com).
Your digital assets will not be aggregated or transferred by a centralized account. They will be secure and safe, waiting for you to use them. Besides, every tips and red pockets will be recorded on the block chain, which can be referred by the block chain browser.

How to start?

IFTip bot is very customer-friendly. There are two versions of instruction respectively on Wechat and Telegram:
Please add IFTip bot (Telegram account: @iftip_bot) to your groups firstly and enter ‘/’ which then shows you all the orders. Your assets awards experiences can be started by send ‘/start’ in groups. By sending ‘/help’ all the functions will be shown.
And so on. As long as IFTip bot is in a conversation on Telegram, you can use it through kinds of orders, and it will help you achieve your goals.

Learn more

To learn more about the instruction of IFTip bot, please accordingly refer to other chapters and platforms.